SES has the flexibility, and experience to suggest innovative and novel solutions.  We have put systems into effect for airlines, racing teams and trading companies.  From hazardous material to relocation of manufacturing facilities, our services have earned us many accolades.


We furnish expertise to major racing teams from the finish line to the next start on the Grand Prix circuit.  We have two specialized enclosed race car transporters to ensure the smooth delivery of your race car to the race track.  


We handle Aircraft on Ground aircraft parts for a variety of jet manufacturers and major leasing companies fulfilling their most demanding customers expectations to get airborne.             


We have transported gas processing facilities to China, cotton gin plants to Africa, cell towers to Hawaii, manufacturing plants to Nicaragua and many more!


Concentrated attention to details of project requirements from set to set. Domestic and international movements of props, camera equipment and other support materials. We do our job quickly and quietly so you can focus on yours.  


SES has supported the movements of safari and expedition trophies around the world.  Our experience and expertise with these moves insures your trophy arrives ready for display.