Shipping Success - Bicycle Imports

|| June 3, 2014

Submitted by Chris Shultz - Import Manager, Southern Export Services  - Imports into the USA take many forms, we specialize in customer solutions.  Our approach to customer satisfaction is figuring out how we can assist our customers import their product and get it to where it is needed.  We work with many specialized high technology customers.  One example is the work we do for a high end bicycle importer.  Carbon fiber frames are the technology to ride these days, however getting it to your bike shop efficiently is another story!  We bring thousands of bikes, bike parts and individual frames into our warehouse each spring.  These bikes arrive the bike shop just in time for you to get the best in tech for this seasons journeys.  If it were not for our ability to bring in bulk quantities and then distribute to individual bike shops, your bike would cost hundreds more!  We add value to many of the products that benefit your life and life style!